Thursday, July 16, 2015

My 5 Must Have School Supplies

                                           Hello, and Welcome to Home Sweet Home School.
I have only been homeschooling for a short time now, (we will soon be heading into our second year) so I am still in the learning phase of what works and what doesn't as far as schedules and curriculum. When it comes to school supplies though one year of homeschooling was enough to know for sure what my must haves are. These items on my list below, we have used time and time again throughout the school year. So, if you are new to this world of homeschooling and are just not sure what is worth spending your hard earned cash on, well, I am here to help you out.

1. A Laminator

This comes in very very handy, trust me! I laminate everything from lined paper for writing practice to my sons morning routine (so it can be crossed off using a white board marker and used again and again)
Now don't worry this won't set you back a ton. I actually purchased mine from Walmart for only $19.95. It came with two laminating sheets but you can purchase a box of them for around $8 for 50 I believe. Not bad. Mine works great and is super easy to use.

2. Washable Markers

Little kids, 'nuff said!

Not a huge fan of the washable crayons or colored pencils though.

3. A good pencil sharpener

The cheap-o ones from walmart just don't do the job right. I have gone through an entire pencil before I got it sharp enough to use, super annoying! In this case... quality of item is very important!

4. A Planner

Now, I know what your thinking... planners are expensive! Well, I am here to tell you that that is not true. Yes there are lovely, very expensive planners out there (i.e erin condren) but mine, is from Walmart. Only, $6.00. It is their line MintGreen, made from recycled paper, eco friendly and all that jazz. They have a few lovely prints to choose from ad it includes a yearly calendar, note pages, daily schedule, and lots of extras for each month. I plan to do a video showing the planner in depth so stay tuned!

5. A large 3 ring binder (with a cover sleeve)  and page dividers

Ok, so this is technically two items but they are used together so I will count it as one ha ha
If you are a home school vet then you already know you NEED these items. To make home school legal and such you need to keep a record of EVERYTHING and have it all checked and given the "OK" at the end of the school year.
I like to have my own binder and fill it with field trip info, verse memorization cards, attendance sheet, all that good stuff then at the end of the year take out only what needs to be in my sons and transfer it over.

So, there you have it. These are my must haves for homeschooling. There are many many other items I wanted to share with you but these are what I believe are worth the money, or not worth the money. I hope this has been helpful. I also want to add an honorable mention... CRAFT SUPPLIES!! MUST HAVE!! Get a bunch of craft stuff and when you think you have gotten too much then get more, trust me, you will use it all! ( and then some!)

Until next time...

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