Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our School Year Schedule

Hi everyone! So sorry for the long break between posts. I had so many back to school posts to share but well, life happened so I am way behind with my posting. I do have plans though to get back into the swing of things this week with school fast approaching so stay tuned!

Today I would like to share with you our daily schedule for the coming school year. This is basically our every day schedule with a few modifications to fit in my son's schooling. Though I do have things set for a certain time we are very flexible with our days. This is basically just an over view of what we try to do every day and around when we fit it all in. By scheduling for example times for snacks, it doesn't matter if that happens a half hour earlier or an hour later I know that my son is getting his snacks in every day, he makes times for his devotions, making time for his chores and so forth. This also insures that I am making time in the morning to get what I need to get done, done before my son is awake and before we start school.

Around 7 am-
Mom is awake (well sort of ha ha I am SO NOT a morning person but I am working on it)
Feed the cat (unless it is my sons week to do so)
Water the plants outside and inside
Start my AM chores (more on this later)
Get dressed (working at actually getting dressed and not be in my pjs all day, when I do, I feel much more productive)
Devotions, Blog Writing, Journaling  and coffee (on the deck if the weather permits)

Around 8:30 am-
Son is awake
Mom cleans up breakfast, Son works on weekly zone cleaning (more on this later)
Son dressed

9:00 am-
TV time

10:00 am-
Son's Devotions while Mom gets everything for school in order
Verse memorization

Around 10:30 am-

Outside play
Lunch clean up

Around 2:00 pm-
Playtime inside

Around 4:00 pm-
Computer Time

5:00 pm-
Dinner Time
Clean up after dinner
Family Devotions
Logan and Daddy play time
Walk or Playground (weather permitting)

7:00 pm-
Time to start getting ready for bed:
quick clean up of main areas
prayer journaling

8:30 pm- 
Bed Time for Son

So this is our daily schedule. It is not set in stone. There will be days we may be sick, have appointments or maybe just want to go to work with Daddy but this is our goal for each day. We try to stick to this as much as possible. I will be testing this newest schedule out once we start the new year and will update if any changes are made and how this schedule is working out for us.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, talk soon!

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